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Giving to Compassion United

How we think about vetting new organizations and why we match gifts with causes.

Giving to Compassion United

Are you looking for impactful, trustworthy, efficient people and organizations to give to? Do you want to see actual updates and results from your donations? If so, you are why we created Compassion United!

Each organization or individual that we partner with is personally known by our founders, board, or advisors. We have seen the fruits of their work, and we fully and unreservedly vouch for their integrity and impact. We only add new partner organizations via referral and subsequent in-person meetings and on-site vetting of their work. We also require all partner organizations to provide photo or video updates of projects that we fund.

How can you feel confident that you are contributing towards the cause you're passionate about?

While we do highlight specific projects, both active and past, we do not raise funds for specific projects. Rather, we take donations around "causes." This allows us to disperse funds efficiently and to the projects of greatest need. What this means for you is that if you are passionate about education, we pool your donation with other education-tagged donations and route it to the project of greatest need within our partner organizations. Once your money has been routed, you'll receive an update showing the physical manifestation of your generous donation.

You can also rest easy knowing that your donation is not making a Compassion United executive rich! Our founder, Adam Pitts, takes no salary or compensation. One hundred percent of your donation goes straight to the cause of your choice. All Compassion United operating expenses, such as travel, bookkeeping, etc., are covered by specific private donors who earmark funds to ensure the organization’s long-term viability. That way, 100 percent of your contributions can go directly to our causes.

Whether you would like to make a one-time gift or are interested in a recurring donation, we would be honored to steward your gift as a sacred undertaking.

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