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100% of Donations Go to Causes

If you have funds to give of any amount, big or small, we would be honored if you chose to give through Compassion United.

We believe that all acts of generosity are sacred. It's not just money. It's your sacrifice. It's your faith. It's your act of worship. As such, we handle all donations with the respect and stewardship they deserve. 

When you give to Compassion United 100% of your donation goes directly towards the cause or project that you have dedicated it to. It doesn't go towards overhead. It doesn't go to staff salaries. Every cent of every dollar goes where you've told it to go. Every time.

Ways to get involved

Text Alerts
Stay up to date on urgent needs from organizations we support
If you are passionate about a cause, you can give before there is a need
Social Engagement
Follow/Promote Compassion United on social media
Stay updated on urgent needs

This is the easiest way to stay in the loop about needs our Partners may have come up. As organizations alert us to urgent needs we send out text alerts describing the need along with a link to give. We never spam you and you will only receive a text if an urgent need comes along.

Receive text updates for urgent needs
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Give directly to causes with PreGive

PreGive allows you to donate towards a cause so that partner organizations can allocate donations appropriately.

For example, if you receive a year-end bonus and want to give before the tax deadline, donate with PreGive and designate the donation to the cause you care about.

Alternatively, you can make giving a part of your monthly budget by setting up recurring amounts designated to the cause of your choice.

In either case, when our next partners' education need comes up, your funds get sent and you get notified of what specific good your donation enabled! 

Stay connected with needs and active projects on social media 

Even if you aren't able to give towards a cause right now, you can still support us by following our social media, sharing our content, or telling others about our partner organizations!

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