Who we are

We find good people doing good things.

I’m Adam Pitts, the founder of Compassion United. I started this organization to help generous donors find good people doing good things around the world. Why?

I spent years traveling around the world taking short-term trips to some of the poorest and remotest places on earth. While it would be easy to be overwhelmed by the needs, I instead was overwhelmed by the fact that everywhere I went there are good people doing good things.

There are individuals and small organizations, people you’ve never heard of, going to great lengths to make an impact in the most difficult of places. They are rescuing children from brothels in Mexico City.

They are saving children from ritual tribal killings in Ethiopia. They are building homes for widows and housing the blind in remote Nepal. They operate with next-to-no budgets, daily grinding out the change they want to see, driven only by the passion in their heart…and meager resources.

Compassion United exists to help connect you with small, responsible, passionate, vetted nonprofits around the world. I created Compassion United to be the “arm,” connecting the resources of generous people (heart) with the people in the trenches, the “hands.” We seek to introduce good people doing good things to those who want to partner with them to serve the needs of people in the worst situations imaginable.

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